Product Description

Our Tiger Moth flight experience immerses you into the thrill of wartime flying – the initial flight briefing, aircraft checks, ground control procedures, taxiing, take off and of course the flight and all important landing!

Our ‘Scramble’ lasts at least good 60 minutes and is far more than the simple ‘chock to chock’ that most flight companies seem to offer. Buy 2 or more flights and receive a 10% discount!  If you would like to take advantage of our 10% discount for multiple flight bookings, please contact a member of our team on 08000 850 196

Your experience will cover the following:

  • Full appraisal and walk round of aircraft
  • Pre-flight briefing of capabilities of the aircraft and controls
  • A flight over the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside and various manoeuvres in the aircraft which your pilot will thrill you with
  • Use of the instruments
  • Use of intercom/radio
  • Post flight debrief

Our 30 and 60 minute flights include a spiffing gift pack to ready you for your experience and all recipients will receive their Order to Report instruction certificate.

You can book your Tiger Moth flight experience with only a £99 deposit. You can then choose to spread the cost between now and The Tiger Moth flight date.

Why not make your flight even more special by booking a post flight bottle a chilled champagne?